Thursday, December 02, 2010

Day 1

Ok last night was day #1, but I did it, I managed to get all 24 cupcakes baked for my gala donation. I have to ice them today, and add the flowers and butterflies when I get home from work, but I am sure that beautiful little 2 year old will love them in all their pinkness.

I also baked for the office cookie exchange, and although a late night, I managed to pump out 9 dozen Ginger Molasses cookies. I didn't get any photos of the cookies since it was so late and I just barely managed to close my eyes before the alarm was going off, but I will get some tonight when I get home and will add the recipe too.

I opted out of the Starbucks recipe as one person indicated it was a bit dry, so I wanted to be sure my co-workers had a yummy cookie to enjoy. I will try it though as I have been on the hunt for a ginger molasses cookie that tastes and looks like the Starbucks one I love so much.

Tonight.... Chocolate Cracker Brittle!!!

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