Monday, November 29, 2010

New Creations coming soon

With Christmas just around the corner, my plan is to be ahead of the game this year and have a great time bonding with my children in the process.

I have decided that each night (or as close as possible), I will be baking/making some yummy edible treats until all my Christmas baking is done. I do give a lot away as gifts, so that helps the waistline, but my family loves having the goodies during the holidays and it just doesn't feel like Christmas without the indulgent squares, cookies, popcorn, nuts and bolts etc.

I have some many recipes swirling in my head that it took a while to decide where to start, but since I am in a cookie exchange with some co-workers for Dec. 2nd, my favorite chewy, gingery cookie is the best recipe to use for a cookie swap, so First up Dec. 1st

Ginger Molasses Cookies.

Photos and recipes will be posted after the baking is all done and the kids are tucked safely into their beds.

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