Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A lillte Absent

Wow, it has been almost a whole year since I've posted. Talk about being a little absent. I have done some cakes, cupcakes and such this year, and once I locate the photos I will post an update.

Summer is upon us now, and that means my personal cake baking is ramping up starting with Nolan's birthday in just a short few weeks. I can hardly believe that he will be 3 already. He just loves Diego these days, so we are planning a Diego party, and I am trying to come up with some cleaver ideas for his cake.

Alexis' birthday is just a couple weeks after Nolan's and we are still in discussions on what she would like for her 8th birthday. Maybe a sleep over, maybe Hannah Montanna... she just told me that she wanted a "Happy" birthday party theme. Hmmmm, I can see it now, Big Yellow Smiley Face!!!

Then we have friends birthdays thrown in there.. Oh how I love this time of year. Not sure if I am going to make cakes for everyone or not, but come back this summer and take a look at my creations.

Oh and one more thing.... Threadless T's is having a contest to create a cake based on one their T-Shirts. Check it out here. I have been scouring their gallery to find the perfect cake to make. If I have the time, I might actually try this, this year. Wish me luck!!!

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