Sunday, September 20, 2009

Pink Pirate Birthdays

My daughter had her 7th birthday party yesterday, and we had a pink glamour pirate birthday. It was such a fun theme, and the girls had a blast. The goody bags, were a pink purse filled with lip gloss pens note pads, etc that looked like cell phones, lipsticks etc. so I had to create a cake that looked exactly like their purses.

I wanted to do fondant, but the kids don't like it so much and just throw it away, so I compromised and I think the cake turned out amazing... it tasted fantastic too. Almond Butter Cake and my infamous chocolate cake, with Almond butter cream icing. YUM!!!

Happy Birthday Sweet Pea!!!


CD Duplication said...

cool pics

Continuing Education LCSW said...

Gorgeous pics!!!

Jillian said...

Wow! This is INCREDIBLE Marina! I'm Way late finding these, but they were worth the wait! love the fuschia and black!