Monday, August 17, 2009

Construction Zone...

Construction Cake

What better cake for a 2 year old tractor, truck loving boy then a cake that looks like a construction work zone. My little guy adores big trucks and whenever we drive pass a construction zone he literally squeals with delight as he tries to get my attention.

I couldn't wait for him to see his cake and his reaction was what everyone mother hopes for. He was so excited and if the cake was closer to the edge of the table, I am positive he would have pulled it down, gobbled it up and grabbed the construction vehicles.

Happy Birthday My Little Man!!!!


Kristi-Anna said...

He is not!! That sweet boy is not two yet! How time flies.
FABULOUS cake!!!

MonaS! said...

what a FABULOUS cake!!!! I can see why he loved it soooooo much.

Allison said...

are the rocks gumballs and jelly beans?

Jillian said...

Omgosh! I love this so much!!! Charlie will be 6, but he might just get a cake like this for his birthday in Oct. lol I just picked up some of these 'stones' to trick the kids with on April Fools day. ;0)
Love all your additions of the trucks etc!