Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ranch Wedding

This cake was so delicious and turned out fabulous. I was a bit nervous when making it, especially when my cousins mother in law thought it was a YAK when she entered the house while we were in the middle of creating. Once we added the top hay bales and put it inside the wagon, it all looked as it should and the bride and groom were very happy with it, as was the Mother of the bride. They even made special note of it, and asked me to stand, I was slightly embarrassed (I don't do well in the spot light), and I think the best thing for me, is how everyone came over to take photos of the cake and compliment me on how it. I must say it is definitely an original!!!

Congratulations Marisa and Chris, the wedding was fabulous and we had a great time!!!


Lulu said...

Looks awesome!!! :)

MonaS! said...

what a neat idea - LOVE IT!

Ki said...

WOW - completely fabulous!