Friday, September 21, 2007

Kid's Birthdays

These photos are long overdue, but when you have a newborn, you no longer have control over your free time... he does!!!

Any ways, the Tinkerbell cake was made for Alexis for her birthday, but then I was told I made the wrong cake, she wanted the other Tinkerbell cake that she saw in my cake books, so she will get that one for her Kindergarten Birthday Party this weekend. The other two cakes - Ariel and Minnie Mouse were made for a friend, she had a party for both of her daughters. I wasn't able to get the final photo of Minnie Mouse, so until Karen can send me a photo, I thought I would post this one. The final cake had a HUGE pink bow on top of Minnie and really did finish the cake, so I will update that as soon as I get the photos.

Alexis' 5th Birthday Cake - Gotta Love Tinkerbell!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Ariel is beautiful, Marina!

Heather (aka pink)