Monday, July 23, 2007

Sunday's Wedding

My girlfriend called me up just a little over a month ago and asked if I was able to do a wedding cake for a friend of hers. We went back and forth a few times with different photos and different ideas of wedding cakes, and this is what we finally decided on.

Since I am very pregnant and getting close to the table to do intricate stencilling work had me a bit concerned with my free hand skills, but in the end I think it looks fabulous. My hand was a bit shaky since I had it in the air so long, but we are our own worse critic aren't we.

Any ways, my gf called me from the reception last night and said the cake looked awesome, which is always nice to hear. The caterer's were still setting up the reception hall when we left and the cake table wasn't quite finished, so I asked my gf to take some photos too, but here a couple of photos fo the cake.

Saturday Wedding

Networking is a wonderful thing, especially when you are doing this type of work from home and through word or mouth. I bumped into a hgihschool friend in facebook and found out she was living out here in Vancouver, so we emailed back and forth a few times, I mentioned that I was making cakes on the side and low and behold a few days later I recevied an email from one of her friends who was looking for a small wedding cake to cordinate with her petit fours for her upcoming wedding. Thank you Nicole, it means a great deal that you trusted me enough to reccomend me to your friend.

So here is the cake, and my attempt at flower decorating, (the florist was supposed to do that part, but I guess communication wasn't there so I completed this.) Now in the full stand photo, the three inner teirs would have all the petit fours that look like a small version of the cake I made. The DJ for the wedding was going to take photos of the completed stand and email it to me, so I will post when I get that photo. It was too hot in the room to put out the petit fours which were covered in colored chocolate, so I had the caterers put them out just before the guests arrived.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Hello Kitty!!!!

I had another cake order this weekend, again from my gf (she is keeping my profile alive)...

This Lemon cake was for her sister's birthday and was so much fun to create. I had purchased this awesome pearl dust to cover the cake, in the color I wanted, but alas like everything else you need practice using it, and it i didn't turn out the way I wanted the first go round, so I opted for a non colored pearl luster dust and dry brushed it on the cake. In the end it turned out better as this hot pink color was much more vibrant on the second batch and there is just something about Hot Pink and Black that just makes this cake pop.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Red Velvet Cake!!!!!!

A few weeks ago, my gf asked me to make a red velvet cake for her Mom's 65th birthday. We had so much going on that day and I was interupted constantly that I finished the cake in just enough time to get in the van and deliver it, so there were no pictures. I am fortunate that my gf knows I like to post the photos, so she just sent me ones that she took at the party.

I think it looks great if I do say so myself, especially with the color theme they had set up for the party. All black and white, with hints of RED!!!

And the dramatic inside.....