Monday, May 28, 2007

Roxanne's Wedding Cake

So after 6 long months of planning, and going from 200 cupcakes to mini-cakes this is the final creation for my cousin's wedding that took place May Long Weekend. The large cake in the center was a mocho fudge cake, the blue and purple cakes were the favorite of the chocolate lovers, it was a Chocolate Raspberry Fudge cake and the pink and green were a citrus orange cake (my favorite). I also made a huge (about 35-40lb) Mango Butter Cake that was kept in the back and just brought out at the midnight buffet.

All in all the cakes were a hit, i received many compliments on them and they all tasted fabulous. The Mango Butter Cake was a huge hit with my family as the nibbled on the edges as I was decorating and trimming them.

(The large white one looks tilted, but it is straight, the gerber daisies were just hanging over on one end, so it looks a little lopsided)

Monday, May 07, 2007

1st Communion

It's been a while since I have uploaded any cakes, but this past weekend I worked on a cake order for a lady who works with Scott. It was her daughter's First Communion, and between her ideas and mine, we created these two cakes for their big event. She requested a Chocoalate and Vanilla combination, so I added a raspberry cream filling and raspberry flavored butter cream icing to them, and although I never sampled the cut off bits, Scott, his brother and the girls assured me they tasted fantastic.

The above cake was the main cake for the First Communion, but my calculations were off. I couldn't find my instructions for the round cake pan, but found a set for a sqaure one that used the same amount of batter. Well who would have thought that a round cake pan severed less people then the square one, so in the end I had to make another cake to make up for the lack of servings. I just wanted something nice, but simple so it wouldn't distract from the main cake, so the picture below shows the two of them together on the cake table.