Thursday, February 15, 2007

Cupcakes and More!!!!

This is the cake I completed for the 2nd class of the level 4 cake decorating class I am taking right now. It is all about fondant and gum paste. This night we learned a few new techniques, which included ruffled borders, ribbon curls, swags and handkerchiefs. When using gum paste everything needs to be paper thin, but my stuff was totally drying up, so it didn't swag like it should have. My first attempt was awesome, but when we when to add dimension to it, like a cute little pattern, the cutter cut right throught it and when I went to form the swag it totally fell apart. I guess the "cutter" tool should have clued us in, my on the advice of the instructor I tried it.... perhaps I will use my own brain next time.

Any ways, I thought the cake turned out alright in the end, I added the royal icing flowers the next morning since dh planned to take it to work.

Ok so now on to Valentine's Day, I made Cinnamon Butter Cream Cupcakes in Vanilla and Chocolate for the girls. Sprinkled little heart candies on the top and added 3 HOT cinnamon hearts as well. Those were a hit with the adults, but the kids said they were a little too "spicey".

I took some to work and everyone loved them, I think this is my new favorite icing... however it tasted much better on the Vanilla cupcakes then the chocolate ones; you couldn't really taste it on those.