Monday, January 08, 2007

Pirate Cake

This is the pirate cake I made for Sue's nephew. (Photo compliments of Sue, I haven't uploaded my photos yet)

I hade great visions for this cake, I was going to add jewels and gems and all sorts of treasure, to the cake, but couldn't find the things I was looking for like the ring pops and such. I think it turned out alright with just the gold coins. I had the candy necklace on it too, but dh told me to take it off if the cake was for a boy... so I did.

I also made a plain flower cake for Rylee for her 3rd birthday, but have 2 cakes still to make for her, so those will be the Dora cakes and cupcakes.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

New things brewing

I think I will have some updated cakes to add to this blog in the next week or so. I have a Pirate cake to do this weekend, as well as a generic birthday cake for Rylee (it's the family party on Sunday) and then the big birthday one to add next weekend.

She has chosen Dora for her theme this year, I was going to try and push the Little Mermaid or something, but I didnt have time to do my own invites and do you think you can find Little Mermaid invites anywhere??? NOPE!!!! So Dora it is... (depending on how many children come, I might be able to make something a little more exciting then the regular Dora cake I have made for everyone else. Hmmm we will see!!!!