Monday, October 01, 2007

Minnie Mouse Cake

As promised, my gf emailed me a picture of the finished Minnie Mouse Cake, she actually sent it a while ago, but I forgot to check my email. So any ways, here is the finished cake witht he HUGE pink bow to make her look just perfect.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

TInker Bell

This is the cake my little girl had asked me to make for her birthday. Earlier this month I made a Tinkerbell cake for her home birthday, and she was ok with that. She loved the cake, but after dessert, she came and thanked me for the beautiful cake, but asked if I misunderstood her as she really wanted the 2 layer Tinkerbell cake that she saw in one of my cake books, so I had to make it for her children's party.

Of course I didn't have time to make the cake exactly as it was in the book, so this is my rendition of it, and she was very happy and totally surprised when I showed her the cake the morning of her party.

Cow Girl's Dream

What kind of cake does a Cowgirl Dream of....? Well a Cow Girl Hat !!!!

When I was asked to make a cake for a CowGirl Party, I envisioned a few different cakes, but this idea came to mind, but naturally I was thinking HOT Pink.... well not for the special young girl, she is obssessed with blue, and when I asked what flavor she wanted, (chocolate or vanilla) and her response.... I want a BLUE cake. So although I was planning pink, there was no way a pink hat would do, so this is what I created for her, and the surprise inside, a blue and white layered vanilla cake. It was a 3 layered cake, 2 blue one white, and I hope it was a hit.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Kid's Birthdays

These photos are long overdue, but when you have a newborn, you no longer have control over your free time... he does!!!

Any ways, the Tinkerbell cake was made for Alexis for her birthday, but then I was told I made the wrong cake, she wanted the other Tinkerbell cake that she saw in my cake books, so she will get that one for her Kindergarten Birthday Party this weekend. The other two cakes - Ariel and Minnie Mouse were made for a friend, she had a party for both of her daughters. I wasn't able to get the final photo of Minnie Mouse, so until Karen can send me a photo, I thought I would post this one. The final cake had a HUGE pink bow on top of Minnie and really did finish the cake, so I will update that as soon as I get the photos.

Alexis' 5th Birthday Cake - Gotta Love Tinkerbell!!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Wedding Cake

I know this is a little late, but with the arrival of Nolan, I haven't had a chance to sit down and go through the wedding photos until now.

Here is the wedding cake that Scott and I did for my cousin, yes my wonderful husband had to help me with this cake, as I could no longer roll out the fondant with my 9 month pregnant belly.

I think the cake turned out fabulous and by the way it was disappearing at the reception, I can be assured it tasted fabulous too!!!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Sunday's Wedding

My girlfriend called me up just a little over a month ago and asked if I was able to do a wedding cake for a friend of hers. We went back and forth a few times with different photos and different ideas of wedding cakes, and this is what we finally decided on.

Since I am very pregnant and getting close to the table to do intricate stencilling work had me a bit concerned with my free hand skills, but in the end I think it looks fabulous. My hand was a bit shaky since I had it in the air so long, but we are our own worse critic aren't we.

Any ways, my gf called me from the reception last night and said the cake looked awesome, which is always nice to hear. The caterer's were still setting up the reception hall when we left and the cake table wasn't quite finished, so I asked my gf to take some photos too, but here a couple of photos fo the cake.

Saturday Wedding

Networking is a wonderful thing, especially when you are doing this type of work from home and through word or mouth. I bumped into a hgihschool friend in facebook and found out she was living out here in Vancouver, so we emailed back and forth a few times, I mentioned that I was making cakes on the side and low and behold a few days later I recevied an email from one of her friends who was looking for a small wedding cake to cordinate with her petit fours for her upcoming wedding. Thank you Nicole, it means a great deal that you trusted me enough to reccomend me to your friend.

So here is the cake, and my attempt at flower decorating, (the florist was supposed to do that part, but I guess communication wasn't there so I completed this.) Now in the full stand photo, the three inner teirs would have all the petit fours that look like a small version of the cake I made. The DJ for the wedding was going to take photos of the completed stand and email it to me, so I will post when I get that photo. It was too hot in the room to put out the petit fours which were covered in colored chocolate, so I had the caterers put them out just before the guests arrived.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Hello Kitty!!!!

I had another cake order this weekend, again from my gf (she is keeping my profile alive)...

This Lemon cake was for her sister's birthday and was so much fun to create. I had purchased this awesome pearl dust to cover the cake, in the color I wanted, but alas like everything else you need practice using it, and it i didn't turn out the way I wanted the first go round, so I opted for a non colored pearl luster dust and dry brushed it on the cake. In the end it turned out better as this hot pink color was much more vibrant on the second batch and there is just something about Hot Pink and Black that just makes this cake pop.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Red Velvet Cake!!!!!!

A few weeks ago, my gf asked me to make a red velvet cake for her Mom's 65th birthday. We had so much going on that day and I was interupted constantly that I finished the cake in just enough time to get in the van and deliver it, so there were no pictures. I am fortunate that my gf knows I like to post the photos, so she just sent me ones that she took at the party.

I think it looks great if I do say so myself, especially with the color theme they had set up for the party. All black and white, with hints of RED!!!

And the dramatic inside.....

Monday, June 04, 2007

Fashion Barbie....

So this weekend, I had another cake order from my good friend Carmen, it was her daughter's 4th birthday on Sunday, and she wanted a Barbie Princess Cake. I think these cakes are fun, but are also very challenging for me. I am not a Fashion Designer and to try and create an adorable, trendy, but unque party gown for each customer is a bit difficult. It took me a while to figure out exactly what I wanted to do, especially for Carmen who bring us the greatest weekly installments of Fashion Thursday's, but I think I pulled it off.

I created a 70's Flapper Style Brown under dress, a pink and brown flowered overlay, with an adorable halter style top. I don't think you will find anyone from Hollywood sporting this number on the Red Carpet, but I think it is a perfect fit for a little girl dreaming of ball gowns and princesses on her 4th Birthday.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Roxanne's Wedding Cake

So after 6 long months of planning, and going from 200 cupcakes to mini-cakes this is the final creation for my cousin's wedding that took place May Long Weekend. The large cake in the center was a mocho fudge cake, the blue and purple cakes were the favorite of the chocolate lovers, it was a Chocolate Raspberry Fudge cake and the pink and green were a citrus orange cake (my favorite). I also made a huge (about 35-40lb) Mango Butter Cake that was kept in the back and just brought out at the midnight buffet.

All in all the cakes were a hit, i received many compliments on them and they all tasted fabulous. The Mango Butter Cake was a huge hit with my family as the nibbled on the edges as I was decorating and trimming them.

(The large white one looks tilted, but it is straight, the gerber daisies were just hanging over on one end, so it looks a little lopsided)

Monday, May 07, 2007

1st Communion

It's been a while since I have uploaded any cakes, but this past weekend I worked on a cake order for a lady who works with Scott. It was her daughter's First Communion, and between her ideas and mine, we created these two cakes for their big event. She requested a Chocoalate and Vanilla combination, so I added a raspberry cream filling and raspberry flavored butter cream icing to them, and although I never sampled the cut off bits, Scott, his brother and the girls assured me they tasted fantastic.

The above cake was the main cake for the First Communion, but my calculations were off. I couldn't find my instructions for the round cake pan, but found a set for a sqaure one that used the same amount of batter. Well who would have thought that a round cake pan severed less people then the square one, so in the end I had to make another cake to make up for the lack of servings. I just wanted something nice, but simple so it wouldn't distract from the main cake, so the picture below shows the two of them together on the cake table.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Cinderella Cake

I know this is long overdue, but I just hadn't gotten around to posting the photo of the Cinderella Cake I made for a co-worker's daughter!!!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Cupcakes and More!!!!

This is the cake I completed for the 2nd class of the level 4 cake decorating class I am taking right now. It is all about fondant and gum paste. This night we learned a few new techniques, which included ruffled borders, ribbon curls, swags and handkerchiefs. When using gum paste everything needs to be paper thin, but my stuff was totally drying up, so it didn't swag like it should have. My first attempt was awesome, but when we when to add dimension to it, like a cute little pattern, the cutter cut right throught it and when I went to form the swag it totally fell apart. I guess the "cutter" tool should have clued us in, my on the advice of the instructor I tried it.... perhaps I will use my own brain next time.

Any ways, I thought the cake turned out alright in the end, I added the royal icing flowers the next morning since dh planned to take it to work.

Ok so now on to Valentine's Day, I made Cinnamon Butter Cream Cupcakes in Vanilla and Chocolate for the girls. Sprinkled little heart candies on the top and added 3 HOT cinnamon hearts as well. Those were a hit with the adults, but the kids said they were a little too "spicey".

I took some to work and everyone loved them, I think this is my new favorite icing... however it tasted much better on the Vanilla cupcakes then the chocolate ones; you couldn't really taste it on those.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Pirate Cake

This is the pirate cake I made for Sue's nephew. (Photo compliments of Sue, I haven't uploaded my photos yet)

I hade great visions for this cake, I was going to add jewels and gems and all sorts of treasure, to the cake, but couldn't find the things I was looking for like the ring pops and such. I think it turned out alright with just the gold coins. I had the candy necklace on it too, but dh told me to take it off if the cake was for a boy... so I did.

I also made a plain flower cake for Rylee for her 3rd birthday, but have 2 cakes still to make for her, so those will be the Dora cakes and cupcakes.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

New things brewing

I think I will have some updated cakes to add to this blog in the next week or so. I have a Pirate cake to do this weekend, as well as a generic birthday cake for Rylee (it's the family party on Sunday) and then the big birthday one to add next weekend.

She has chosen Dora for her theme this year, I was going to try and push the Little Mermaid or something, but I didnt have time to do my own invites and do you think you can find Little Mermaid invites anywhere??? NOPE!!!! So Dora it is... (depending on how many children come, I might be able to make something a little more exciting then the regular Dora cake I have made for everyone else. Hmmm we will see!!!!