Sunday, November 26, 2006

A Tastey Blizzard

And I am not referring to the DQ treat either. I made so many snow flake cookies this weekend it looked like I had a mini blizzard hit my kitchen. These were oh so tastey and ordered by my gf for her new gift basket business, check it out.... Gifted. Her site isn't completed yet, but gives an idea of what she is making. Any ways, this is the cookie she ordered, and is also the cookie that my work ordered (only 200 of those to do!!!), and the second photo is the parcel I shipped to her, so as you can see each snowflake is individually packaged and labelled (on the back side).


MonaS! said...

Fabulous job Marina - as usual!!! You are amazing! I would LOOOOOVE to be at your house at Christmastime. YUUUUUMMMMMMY!!!!

Carmen said...

Marina, I want these!!!!!!
Ohhh, you sooo have to teach me how to decorate like that!!! I adore these cookies!! Totally up my alley!!


Anonymous said...

yummmmy! They look fantastic!
yay yay yay!


Brenna said...

Very beautiful!!

Mary P. said...

Oh my, you have talent!! Amazing!