Sunday, September 10, 2006

Princess' and Super Hero's

This is what me week consisted of, A Princess party for a pretty little 4 yr old and a Super Hero cake for a 7 yeard old Boy. Alexis got to see the creation of her cake all week, as I started the flowers on Monday, and each night I was creating something new for her, from the chocalate castle and decorating it, to the construction of the Vanilla cake. I loved it!!

I followed a pattern in the cake book, to a tee and tried to figure out why their chocolate castle could stand for a full photoshoot, but I couldn't get mine to stand for more then 30 seconds. Then I realized that their cake board was the drum circle and not the little flimpsy one I used. I think that punctured the dowels into the drum to keep it stable and standing. Something to keep in mind for the next castle cake I need to make. Some of my wonderful and way too kind freinds have commented and said they couldn't tell, but despite the tipping castle the cake looked fabulous and tasted amazing. I am not usually a white cake person, but this was incredible, you could hear the moisture!!! I know that sounds ridiculous, but when you put your fork into the cake, you could hear how moist it was, which surprised me because I made the cake Tues. and Wed. (1 cake each night) and decorated it Thursday night.

The girls and their parents loved it, and gobbled the cake up, and appropriatley oohed and ahhed when I brought it out. Now I have this amazing chocolate castle and not sure what to do with it. No one wants to eat it, so I haven't figured out what to do, I can't just throw it out, but no what???

Any ways Thursday night started the construction of the batman cake, or at the least the baking of layer 1. It was perfect, smelled sinfully delicious and I left it to cool. Friday when I went to remove the cake from the cake pan, I realized my mistake and gasped in horror as the center of the cake stuck to the inside of the cake pan. So Friday night was the start of a very long evening. I now had to make 2 huge layers and I only have 1 cake pan, so the baking time alone was 3 hours never mind the mixing, measuring and stuff. So the first layer is baking we put the girls to bed and I started making the butter cream frosting. Perfect, the cake is cooled and time to remove from the pan, my heart skipped a beat and I tapped the top of the pan several times to ensure nothing was stuck. Great it released perfectly and now off to wash and start the whole process all over. 2nd layers is baking I started to create all the colors, can you believe it, this cake took 10 different colors to create it.

Scott being the most amazing husband in the world disappeared for a little while and I was just too busy to notice that he was gone, so I was shocked when he walked into the house with 4 double doubles from TH for us to consume throughout the evening. He smiled and said... "I think we may need these tonight". Oh what an incredible man he is.

So I had this amazing plan, I found the perfect image for this cake, and I blew it up to the perfect size, I traced it onto wax paper and proceeded to tranfer it to the cake by using toothpicks. My idea was to poke out the design and then trace and fill it in. So simple the plan was fool proof, but perhaps I had too many things on the go that it didn't even occur to me that cakes are airy, and that toothpick holes would not show in the cake. If I frosted the cake first it might have worked, but I couldn't imagine anyone easting a double layer of icing, so that wouldn't work at all. So after I punctured 1/2 the image on the cake, I lifted the was paper and to my horror I couldn't see anything.

I sat down in the chiar for a few minutes and sighed... oh dear, now I have to do this all by hand. I am not an artist, I can't draw a stickman, how in the world am I going to recreate batman on this cake. My dh to the rescue, he pointed out that if I break it into smaller pieces and create it like a jigsaw puzzle I could do it So they we were drawing and redrawing the whole scene with my bag of black icing. (A hint for any decorators... a paint brush is your best friend, if you make a mistake, it can pick up the icing, or you can use the brush to manipulate the shape you want.) Finally at 4:00am the cake was done and just in time, my hand was starting to cramp as I was doing the borders. So even though this took much longer then I anticipated, I loved every minute of it and felt very proud of my creation at the end of the day!!!

Ethan and Carm picked up the cake Sat night and seeing his face light up when he saw the cake made it all worth it. Thank you Carmen for the challenge, it was a lot of fun, and I learned something new about myself, I am creative and can do anything I set my mind to!!!

So now my busy weekend is over, and I recieved another cake order, this time from my friend Tammy, her daughter's birthday is this comning Sunday and has requested a Barbie cake. This will be a lot of fun. I get to pick out a cool Barbie Doll for her and then bake a cake inthe shape of a dress and then I get to decorate it. The only stipulation is she needs ot be in pink. Well that won't be too difficult and I have ideas already, just need to think of some fantastic design and let the creativity flow.

Here's to a new week filled with creativity!!!


Lisa Lee said...

Hey this turned out perfect Marina. I bet the birthday boy was excited. Great job

MonaS! said...

Beautiful work Marina! I wish you lived closer so that I could have you do cakes for my two kids. Your work continues to amaze me!

patti said...

yummmmmy looking cakes!! Great now I want some icing!!! :)

Heather M. said...

Wow, Marina, you are SO talented! Seriously, wow!