Monday, August 28, 2006

Another Order

I can't believe this... I went to pick up Alexis from school and her teacher who is moving to AB is having a BBQ this weekend and has asked me to make a cake for her.

I am torn between charging her or not, she said she would have the money tomorrow, but part of me would like to give her this as a gift, but then another part thinks I still need to make some money if I am trying to make a go of this.

Any ways, I found a really cool design that I am going to use to create her cake, she asked me to surprise her, so I hope she likes it... pictures will be posted this weekend.


patti said...

Marina if you want my two cents worth (which you might not!), I would charge her, but give her a discount if you feel it is the appropriate thing to do. You have to start off my charging, or all of a sudden you will find it hard to start charging people. And as fun as it is to do, you have overhead and expenses, regardless of whether or not it's out of your house---PLUS a few months down the road when you rent that big fancy bakery from which to sell your amazing creations, you may need a bank loan, and they want to see that this is viable! Congrats on the orders!!!!!!

Tammy said...

I agree with Patti. Give her a card if you want to give her a gift. Now that we are in business ourselves, I've learnt you need to charge even if it's one dollar. Besides...your time is worth something right???